James Wants To Own An NBA Team "One Day"

CHARLOTTE -- Lakers star Lebron James said he hopes to “one day” own an NBA team, just like his idol, HOF great and current Hornets owner Michael Jordan.

During an interview with Carolina Sports Link and media following Saturday morning’s shootaround, James reminisced about the first time he met his idol.

"It was like meeting God for the first time," James said. "That's what I felt like as a 16-year-old when I met MJ." 

James, 33, recently passed Wilt Chamberlin for fifth on the all-time scoring list and sits just 460 points behind Michael Jordan for fourth on the list.  

"At the end of the day, anytime I'm even mentioned with the greats, it's humbling and gratifying for me," James said

Lebron said he hasn't taken the time to sit down with Jordan to get his experience on what it's like to own a professional sports franchise, but he did credit Jordan with the globalization of the game which has made easier for him to build and grow his own brand. 

"MJ made the game global, he made people all over the world want to watch basketball," said James." He transcended that era." 

"I still have a lot of years to give to this game, as far as playing," said James. "I would like to own an NBA team one day, but we'll see."