Townes' Career Flourishes

Townes' Career Flourishes

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CHARLOTTE--The story of boxer Jacquan “Da King” Townes (6-1) cannot be summarized in one article. It can not be summed up with simple numbers or a synopsis of his recent opponents. 

The story of Townes is one of a man who was tired of feeling sick and tired. One of a former Marine who tore tendons in his knee, sat around, gained an absurd amount of weight and finally decided that only he had the power to change the way he was living.

“I just got tired of being heavy,” said Townes. “All through my career as a Marine, I was in the best shape of my life. When I got out of the Marines, I tore tendons in my knee. After I tore the tendons in my knee I just sat around and got lazy.”

Townes said he ate “everything in sight” and  before he knew it, he weighed 327 pounds.

“I was climbing the stairs at work, and I just got really tired,” Townes said. After that, I told myself something has to give.”

Townes ending up walking into Retro Fitness Gym where he opted to start taking boxing classes.

“I’m not the type to just start lifting weights and running on a treadmill, I feel like that’s boring,” said Townes. “I wanted to do something fun and start losing weight.”

Townes said during his 13-month-plus period of sudden weight gain, he fell into a trap of denial.

“I was like every other guy that’s overweight, you’re in denial,” said Townes. “I used to tell people all time, I’m just lifting weights, knowing that I wasn’t in the gym at all.”

In October of 2016, Townes fought Aubur Wright, in Raleigh, and loss via major decision. “I went the distance with him and lost,” Townes said.

“It worked out in my favor, I gained a lot of fans after that fight,” Townes said. “You have to understand, going into the ring and banging with a guy who was bigger and stronger than me, earned me a lot of respect.”

Townes continues to garner respect from the local boxing community as he has yet to lose following that first loss to Wright.

“I train hard for every fight, no fight is an easy win,” said Townes. “I don’t care what kind of level the fight is on. I am still going to run my 5-6 miles a day, I am going to give it everything that I have.”

Townes said that he never thought professional boxing was in his future. He said that he became motivated and willing to continue fighting while training with his coach at Retro Fitness Gym.

“I went toe-to-toe with him and he had over 10 years of experience,” Townes said. “He asked me if I had ever considered boxing professionally?”

Townes is one of the featured fighters on the “Boxing Royalty” card that will take place on March 16th at the Extravaganza Events Center in Charlotte. The card will be hosted by Vegas Grand Boxing Promotions.

“This is an all-star lineup of fighters, I am blessed to be part of this lineup,” Townes said. “LaVonda Earley (promoter) could have chosen any number of fighters, I just feel blessed to be part of her card.”

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Vegas Grand Boxing Promotions presents a night of powerful professional boxing Saturday, March 16, 2019 at The Extravaganza located at 1610 N Tryon Street in Charlotte, NC. Doors open at 5:00 PM. First Fight at 6:00 PM.

This must-see event that features Lavonte “The World Class Gentleman” Early, Taylor “Killa Bee” Jenkins, Stanley “Rocklee” Wright, Stevie “The Answer” Massie, Jacquan “Da King” Towns, Willie “Lump Lump” Harvey with Deandre “The Matrix” Robinson-Neal fighting in the main event for the vacated IBO Super Middleweight Championship

Tickets to the Vegas Grand Boxing Promotions event are priced at $45 for General Admission and $55

for Ringside/VIP. 

Tickets are available online by going to– Tickets can also be purchased by calling (980) 230-5059 or emailing