Rivera To Call Defensive Plays

Rivera To Call Defensive Plays

The Panthers fired defensive line coach Brady Hoke and cornerbacks coach Jeff Imamura and announced that head coach Ron Rivera will take over defensive play-calling responsibilities. 

Rivera made the announcement at a news conference on Monday, after he met with owner David Tepper and general manager Marty Hurney. 

"Everything that I do is in the best interest of this team," Rivera said at a news conference, adding that his meeting with the owner did not influence his decision. "We do things to win."

Rivera shut down a question about his own job security following the team's loss 24-17 loss to Tampa Bay on Sunday. 

"As far as I'm concerned, unless Mr. Tepper puts his name on it, I think that everybody needs to just calm down and let what's really being said or let the truth come out," said Rivera. "If anybody has a question, I think that they should ask Mr. Tepper. But I don't think it's fair to sit there and say 'sources say." 

Earlier in the day, CBS Sports reported that David Tepper has grown increasingly impatient with the direction of his team under Rivera. 

The Panthers have been to the playoffs four of the past five seasons under Rivera, who signed a two-year contract extension worth $15.5 million in January that runs through 2020.